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Name:Heather Hudson
Birthdate:May 12
This journal is fictional and used for entertainment purposes only.
Heather is represented in this journal by Angela Bettis, who has absolutely nothing to do with this journal or its contents. Both muse and mun are well over 18.

Heather MacNeil was born the eldest of seven children, just outside of Calgary, Alberta.

She took a job as a secretary when she was seventeen in order to help support the family, working as a secretary to Jerome Jaxon of the Am-Can petroleum company. This is where she met James Hudson, one of the company's research scientists. Hudson had invented a cybernetic suit for geological exploration. Heather learned Hudson had resigned from the company after learning his suit was to be sold as a weapon by Jaxon, and stole its cybernetic helmet, rendering it inoperable. Heather too resigned, and followed him. The two were attracted to each other and were soon married. Heather also explained that the Canadian government could help them, and they approached Department H, with a view to starting a superhero team, using Hudson's suit. The team came to be known as Alpha Flight, and James MacDonald Hudson became its leader.

Unfortunately, eventually Alpha Flight had their funding revoked and the team disbanded. Heather, however, continued to call the former members together for missions when they were needed. Unfortunately, during one of these missions James Hudson died in battle when his suit was sabotaged.

Following the death of her husband, Heather donned the Guardian suit herself and began to use it as Vindicator, hoping she could uphold his legacy by leading Alpha Flight.


Heather is based on 616!comics canon up until shortly after the death of her husband Mac Hudson. So no weirdass alien eggs, robots, or what-have-you. Nope, not touching that crap with a six foot pole, sorry.
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